All of the bodies of the soul's expression require clearing from time to time. This guided meditation is designed to relax you and fortify your natura...View Details

James offers insight on the Geomagnetic Solar Activity and how it might affect you. We share a meditative practice to find forgiveness. We finish by b...View Details

Are you ready for responisble and disciplined new beginnings? Learn to take advantage of what lies ahead.  As Saturn moves into Capricorn we hav...View Details

Where do we look when all things seem to resist our desires?  Learn how to build a supportive system around you during times of revolution, trasi...View Details

Where have I been?  Where am I now? How do we acknowledge the beauty of the journey as we journey? Let's share gratitude for what we have.

The new moon in Aries signifies a minor hiccup in our path forward, pay attention to the signs and learn to reevaluate where you stand, take the lesso...View Details

Much love to all the Aries energy.  The end of a Zodiac year, the birth of a new identity.  Learn to take advice from both Mars is Taurus an...View Details

Often we just have to live within the madness.  The full moon in Virgo opens us to the possibilities for growth and improvement.

Full moon in Virgo March 12, 2017 Noon Eastern 9 Pacific -- asks us to take an objective look at our emotions and a critical look at how we can move f...View Details

Venus retrograde leads to some very interesting issues within our lives.  Learn the best way to navigate what can be a minefield. Also, say good...View Details

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