I was priviledged enough to be a guest on "Angel with an Edge" with Elizabeth Lindsay.   We share our collective healing journey and talk some s...View Details

5 Planets in Pisces means we become impressionable, lose touch with reality, and perhaps explode at times.  The previous weekends transits aren't...View Details

President's Day is a joke, asking us to take a closer look at how we govern ourselves.  Pisces will test your boundaries and ability to keep a cl...View Details

The ego is an essential part of living, learn to find a balanced relationship with it.  Two crystals this week, upgrade the throat chakra.

Lots of things changing.  People are speaking up for themselves, it's bound to get just a bit ugly.  That doesn't mean we can't make the bes...View Details

What is it like to be an Aquarian?  Well, here is your chance to get a snapshot.  Let us try to describe just WHAT all this energy is about....View Details

What is the everything?  What permeates all things? How can one man, speaking up for his inalienable rights, change the world??

Welcome to the New Year. We don't always take the time to consider the effects of our actions on such a deep level.  This January, we will be as...View Details

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